Me explaining Trap to someone today:
Imagine a really slow 808 beat with a lot of stuttered cymbal rolls and a dude barking one-to-two syllable words in some sort of janky iambic pentameter while occasionally stopping to go “SKRRT”

What good sporting! The announcer said it was an exciting game and i believe him

This is a sad day. Our government is actively working against the best interests of it’s people and ignoring the pleas of the overwhelming majority. #NetNeutrality

Something something about a lumberjack

Today’s Docs 2017-11-09

BBC – Panorama – Paradise Papers: Offshore Secrets of the Rich Exposed

BBC – This World – The Balfour Declaration: Britain’s Promise to the Holy Land

What is this place??

I have no idea yet. Hi, I’m Peter, and I’m planning for this page to be a repository for all the junk that runs through my head on a daily basis. Maybe my thoughts on things, maybe random memes I like, we’ll have to see what comes of it.