#Kavanaugh Booker is managing to break through some of the repetitive talking points

#Kavanaugh Kavanaugh apologizes to Sen. Klobuchar after his pushback against her before the break

#Kavanaugh Clearly he’s been coached to avoid consenting to an FBI investigation under any circumstance. Doesn’t mean he’s guilty, but wants to avoid the potential of delaying the vote.

#Kavanaugh Being extremely combative during Democratic questioning and stalling pervasively

#Kavanaugh he clearly dodged answering Sen. Feinstein’s question about an FBI investigation referring only to a hearing in front of the Senate judicial committee #semantics

#Kavanaugh Blasey Ford’s testimony sounded very credible. Kavanaugh’s opening statement does as well.

#Kavanaugh Republican senators are so far not taking part in the questioning

#Kavanaugh Blasey Ford came forward before kavanaugh was nominated

On September 11th, 2001 i was in my 2nd period writing class in the 10th grade at Eagan High School. We moved on to 3rd period, Algebra with Mr. Wardlow, but we didn’t do anymore schoolwork that day. Where were you?